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 I've found a place to stay but this city is toxic.  Does the sun ever fully rise?
There are so many things here I don't understand.
Most particularly that church.  I've never seen anyone walk in or out.
But I have the feeling it's beeing used.  I just don't know what for.


[[ooc:  Ok, I'm finally updating.  This is after the reset so please ignore any posts before this]]

Seems like destiny is calling again.
I woke up on these steps thinking it was a dream.  Somehow I was back at Castle Oblivion.
But this is real.
I can't turn back, so the only thing left is the city below.
If this message gets out, tell Sora and Kairi I'll be fine.


 So, like, has the user imput been down lately?  There's no one around to have a decent conversation with when this lame-o logs on!  He's so booooring.  You'd think a face that pretty would atleast be charming!

Would you stop making posts like this?  You're an embarassment.  And don't call me pretty for god's sake.  You're a computer!

So will your boyfriend show up soon?  He's nice to me.  Why won't you be?

Please, are there any hackers out there?  I need help.  Badly.
 Hm, I said I'd go to find myself.  And I found Sora.   I guess that proves enough.
I have to say I'm relieved.  It's not that I doubted he'd come back, of course.

But things are falling back into place.  Well, as much as they can in this city.
But the first thing to go will be this background.

<b>Hey!  You can't change the pink!  I'm like in charge so I'll just change it back!<b>

That's what you think
You know... when I entered this world.  I did it thinking I wouldn't be with Sora.  But then he came here.
I thought this place would help me find myself, but I've been too busy searching for what wasn't mine.

Maybe it's time I find what I am again.

And my computer has better change this f***ing backgroud.

Not a chance <3~  It'll help you stop being no emo!  Besides, if you really was that Sora kid---

[[Computer unplugged]]


[[All strikes and censors made by computer]]

Watch your language!

What the H*** have you done to my computer?!

As I recall, I'm your computer.  Duh!  And pink is so much cuter~  Don't you think it's more me? <3

Take it off.  NOW.  It's burning my eyes.  I can't take it!

Well maybe you should be nicer to me next time.

You're a stupid piece of f***ing s*** with nano-bytes for brains. 
How's that?

Maybe it's time to change your icons too then.

You wouldn't.

Watch me.  HEY!---

[[Computer unplugged]]

 I'm alive!   Finally!
It's been months since I've gotten to leave my room.

The medic nin helped alot.  It's just too bad the plague came the second I got better.
And as I'm suffering and finding the plague makes patches of your skin turns different colors,
my computer decided to finally get a personality.

Hey! That's totally like, harsh!  I just got here and this is the welcome I get?
Just, wait!  I'll make your background pink!  Then maybe you'll be happier.


....... as you can see.    It's a girl.
Does anyone know a hacker to give this a personalitity change?

Oh no you didn't!  You did not go there!

Yeah, I didn't now post the message!

Not until you apoligize.


Was that so hard?



 Ok, so maybe it's not just a 24 hour thing.
I know it'll eventually pass, but I can't keep this up.  I have to go find someone
and I can hardly move.  It's not exactly the best way to find food either.

So do me a favor, keep an eye out for Sora.


stupid blood rain crap....

Damn it.  I knew this blood would stain my hair.
I thought it was bad enough to avoid it all day.  But the smell was horrible.

And yet it's nothing to how it smells now that it's all dried.  I had to pry open
my door cause it was so covered.  And now it's crispy...

I think I'm actually getting sick from this.  I haven't had a cold or anything for years.
I'm hot but I'm shivering and the stupid blood made my hair have blotches of brown and pink.

I hate this city.


 I don't know why, but something about this place has changed.
Maybe it's just me, but it's almost like my memories are being.... watched.

Like someone keeps picking them up and replaying them.